GRIP Medical Experts

GRIP Technologies has been providing Software and Administration support to medical experts since 2007. We have two kinds of customer base, firstly the medical experts, who just use our software system to compile medico-legal reports for clients seeking personal injury claims. The second kind of the experts not only use our software but also use our administration services.

The core objective of the administration team is :

      • Scheduling appointment slots, within the parameters agreed by the instructing party, claimant, and medical expert.
      • Submitting reports produced by the medical expert.
      • Submitting bills for work performed by the medical expert

Below is are  some of our medical experts who use  GRIP administrative services:

Dr Kashif Shakeel

Dr Sana Khan

Dr Syed Assad Ali Pasha

Dr Aziz-Ul-Islam Anjum

Dr Irfan Akhtar

Dr Nadeem Shakir

Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Dr Tehseen Fatima

Dr Khayyam Uddin

Dr Kaleem Khan

Dr Serwa Bayezidi

Dr Shakeel Abbasi

Dr Mohammed Anis Dosani

Dr Mohiuddin Qureshi

Dr Aysha Butt

Dr Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Dr Tanzeem Iqbal

Dr Majid Abdulla

Dr Amina Ahmed

Dr Farrah Sherpao

Dr Sohaib Yasin

Dr David John Magee

Dr Khudija Irfan

Dr Hisham Haq

Dr Shehzad Latif

Dr Kirti Kohli

Dr Asad Khan

Dr Bashir Al Shakarchi

Dr Abid Hamid

Dr Khalid Mahmood

Dr Jason Bradbury

Dr Usama Munir

Dr Amer Hafeez

Dr Gerald Richard Murray

Dr Agnieszka (Agnes) Bienkowska

Dr Shahid Mehmood

Mr Ilhan Alcelik

Dr. Asim Muhammad

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