Dr Shahid Mehmood


Professional registration

      1. GMC number / 7009948
      2. MPS Membership / 582306
      3. MEDCO Registration Number / DME4363
      4. ICO Number / ZA183916
      5. MedCo Training Date / 20 March 2016

I, Dr Shahid Mehmood graduated in 2002 from Yaroslav, The Wise, Novgorod State University, Russian Federation. I went back to Pakistan, I got full PMDC Registration and have completed my house Job in Surgery and Medicine in Pakistan. Furthermore I gained valuable experience in Paediatrics and neonatology. I worked as an Orthopaedic Junior Surgeon in St Georges Hospital London. I had further training to become a Family Physician between 2010-2013 from KSS Deanery, London. I am also trained into doing medicolegal reporting for clients who have had personal injuries. I also have been working in Emergency Department in Croydon University Hospital and also working in Renal Transplant Surgery as a junior locum Surgeon. 

I have been providing medico-legal reports since 2014. All of my consulting rooms are private, fixed and suitable for the medico-legal consultation. I follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines when seeing the clients. I always follow best practice and acceptable standards guidelines as set by MedCo for my consulting venues.

I regularly attend medico-legal courses and meetings to enhance my clinical skills. I am actively participating in the MedCo CPD training program too. I have achieved my GDPR training. My consultation and examination techniques are quite thorough and medical reports produced are on high standards.

Appointment booking procedure:

To reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, I am offering remote consultation appointments to the clients. I can offer video appointments through WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google or through any other secure platform as per the client’s needs. I can offer weekends or evening appointments on some of my venues too. I am also offering face to face appointments subject to the Government announcement and local area lockdown policies.

Special Needs

All of my consulting locations have disabled access and have parking facilities. I always want the best customer services experience for my clients. If you need any special assistance for your appointment, please do let my secretary know about this at the time of arranging the appointment.

Turnaround time:

I do offer evening appointments. For the remote appointments, the waiting time is 3 days. On the normal circumstances, for the face-to-face appointment, the waiting time is between 1 to 2 weeks. Medical reports and any amendments are submitted within 3 days. Any other queries will be responded within 48 hours of receipt.

Policies and procedures:

I strictly adhere to all the procedures and policies set by MedCo and always follow GMC good medical practice guidelines for examining my clients. Please find copies of some of my policies and procedures. The copy of any policy including the complaint procedure can be obtained by contacting me on the contact details given below.

Contact Details:

To get the information on all communication channels I can offer, please click on top right hand Contact Us page.