How do I install GRIP Software ?

We will install the software for you on your computer by using a secure remote connection.

Is there any trial version available ?

GRIP Software’s demo can be given on demand.

I am not computer expert; will I be able to use GRIP ?

The basic theme behind evolution of GRIP is to simplify medico-legal reporting. GRIP software is very easy to use and we have simplified most of the lengthy computer operations under one mouse click. Most of the medical experts and their admin staffs prefer to use GRIP over to any other software once they done first few medical reports in GRIP.

For whom are GRIP medico-legal report prepared for?

All GRIP medico-legal reports are addressed to the Court and comply with Civil Procedure Rules and contain the standard part 35 declaration and statement of truth.

Is there any training or technical support available if I require any help ?

Once we install GRIP software on your computer, we will run a training session with you to get the skills and knowledge you need to use your software effectively. Moreover, if at any stage you require any further assistance our support is just a telephone call away.

How can I save documents on my computer produced in GRIP software ?

As soon as you build any documents like medical report, invoices, addendum reports etc. system automatically exports them on the designated location on your computer. You can set this path to any location on your local computer, network, server or any external media device e.g. USB memory stick.

How can I send final report and invoice to the medical agency ?

As soon as you build the report, system automatically exports medical report and invoice on designated location on your computer. You just highlight the case and choose Email and Mark Case as Posted from right click menu to send the documents to the medical agencies electronically.

Can I prepare an addendum/supplementary report by using GRIP software ?

You can build an addendum or supplementary report and invoice by using GRIP Admin or GRIP Reporting. Moreover you can send these documents electronically to the medical agency through GRIP.

In which formats medical reports or other documents can compile ?

You can setup a preference in GRIP system to always export documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Can I generate VAT invoices by using GRIP ?

GRIP has ability to produced VAT or non VAT invoices, just amend your profile in GRIP Admin and specify VAT number.

I have more than one consulting venues and have different payment terms for each venue with medical agency; can I setup venue based payment terms in GRIP ?

Yes, you can setup different payment terms based on your consulting venues in GRIP software.

How much does it cost ?

GRIP Admin and Reporting software are packaged at GBP 2.50 per compiled report. A volume discount is also available for medical experts compiling large number of reports each month or for organisations providing medico-legal reporting. Please contact us for further details.

Are there any charges for amending the medical report or preparing a supplementary report ?

There are no extra charges for preparing supplementary or amending the original medical reports and sending them to medical agency through GRIP.

I am new to medico-legal; can I get register with medico-legal agencies ?

Yes, as long as you are GMC registered we can forward your CV to the medical agencies we have on our panel. You are required to sign a working agreement with medico-legal agency before taking any instructions.

What are the benefits using GRIP secretarial services ?

We will set up a hassle-free clinic upon your chosen clinic date. A clinic list and all relevant paperwork will be forwarded to you prior to the clinic. Moreover

      • We will try our best to resolve any enquiries before forwarding to you.
      • A dedicated admin team is present all the time to work on your behalf and you do not have any worry to lose any business.
      • You will always work in the paper-free environment, we convert paper-based documents into electronic form and forwarded them to you electronically.

My client’s sensitive information is held in your office and computer based system; is this information held properly with you ?

GRIP Technologies Limited is registered for The Data Protection Act 1998, Registration Number Z1834670.

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