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We do understand that experiencing a personal injury and dealing with the claim process can be a stressful experience, so as part of our administration support policy and commitment to our medical experts we aim to deliver the best possible customer experience to the claimants.

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Consultation procedure 

The consultation procedure includes:

      • For the remote appointments:
        • At a set appointment time the claimant will receive an initial phone call from the medical expert to verify if they are ready to proceed with a video call.
      • In both types of examinations (remote or face to face), it is mandatory to show the 2 forms of ID to the medical expert and 1 of which must be a photo ID i.e. passport or driving licence.
      • The medical expert will go through the questions related to the accident and its consequences on the claimant’s personal and work life. The claimant can be provided a copy of the medical questionnaire, please click here to download a copy.
      • The claimant can accept a physical examination that may require a demonstration of any physical restrictions they may have as the result of the accident. If feasible, the claimant may be required to demonstrate the injured part of the body. 

Claimant’s roles

      • Bring the original photo ID to their appointment. 
      • Attend the appointment at its agreed time.
      • In case if he is unable to attend, please inform the administration team as soon as possible. 


      • For a remote appointment, the claimant should ensure that they are in a private and secure location.
      • Anyone accompanying the claimant should be able to disclose their name, date of birth and relationship to the claimant. 
      • The claimant should be able to provide all the relevant information regarding the accident and its consequences to his personal and work life.


      • The claimant can ask the copies of the expert and administration company’s complaint policy, data handling procedure and any other policy they may require. 
      • The claimant can ask for a copy of the questionnaire they had completed during the consultation.
      • The claimant can challenge the report if they disagree with any factual element of the report. 
      • They should receive the service involved in the process of obtaining the medical report on the timelines as mentioned in section 4 of this document.


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