GRIP Administration Services

GRIP Administration Services

GRIP Technologies provides administration services to medical experts producing medico-legal reports. Our services are not only limited to the MedCo Indirect Medical (IMEs) or Direct Medical Experts (DMEs), but we provide administration services support to Psychiatrists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, ENT Surgeons and Neurosurgeons. We have extended our services to Direct Medical Experts dealing with unrepresented Claimants as part of the Governments new Litigation in Person portal.

MedCo auditors have visited us to carry out fact-finding exercises to understand our working process and procedures.

Our administration services involve the following process and workflow:

      • Explanation to the claimant how the personal information is stored and used. 
      • Requesting the signed copy of the data sharing/processing consent form from the claimant. Click here to download a copy of the form.
      • Understand from the claimant which communication channel they prefer i.e. email, phone, by post etc. 
      • Understand from the claimant which appointment type they prefer i.e. virtual or face-to-face. 
      • Clarifying the claimant’s requirements / any special needs to attend the appointment. Understand if the claimant needs any special assistance on the day of the appointment for example disable access, any other special need, chaperone, interpreter, need a longer appointment etc.
      • For virtual appointments, understand/explain to the claimant which video software technology will be used.
      • Seek the remote consultation consent form. Click here to download a copy of the form.
      • Inform the claimant about the timelines as mentioned on the expert page. 
      • Understand the requirement if this is soft tissue or a NON-soft tissue injury claim. Add the relevant information into the GRIP software system and inform the medical expert accordingly to find out if the case falls within their expertise. 
      • In case if the case is outside the DME remit, pass the information back to the claimant. 
      • Data entry: Input medico-legal instructions into the GRIP software system.
      • Appointment management: Scheduling appointment slots, within the parameters agreed by the claimant and the medical expert. 
      • Postage: Post/email appointment letter with the medico-legal questionnaire to the claimant.
      • Telephone answering services: Answer telephone calls, note any messages and log them in the system. Pass the messages and enquiries to the medical experts. 
      • Attendance management: Email clinic list to the medical experts prior to their clinics. Obtain attendance from the medical experts after their clinic and notify the attendances to the instructing parties. 
      • Rebook after DNA: In case that the claimant failed to attend the appointment; rebook the appointment after speaking to the Claimant for LiP cases. If the Claimant is represented or a MedCo DME Case, liaise with the instructing party.
      • In case of clinic cancellation: Inform the claimant as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.
      • Maintain the case log: Record any correspondence in the GRIP software system received in any format (post, email, telephone etc.) from the instructing parties or directly from the claimant and flag any queries/challenges/amendments/addendum requests in the GRIP software system.
      • Medical Reports submission: Submitting medical reports produced/approved by the medical experts. 
      • Addendum/Amendment/Part 35 requests: Log the request in the GRIP software system, and pass the relevant information to the medical expert.
      • Invoice management: Submitting bills for the work performed by the medical experts and once they receive the payments, we record the remittances in the GRIP software system.
      • Inform the claimant about GRIP Technologies and DME complaint procedures.
      • In case of any complaint, maintain the record in the GRIP software system and inform the authorisation person accordingly.


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