GRIP Reporting

GRIP – Reporting: this part is for producing the main and addendum medical reports. This is a wizard-based system; on each step, you answer a few questions either in the form of choosing a predefined set of options or by free texting to produce bespoke phrases as per the claimant circumstances. Some key features of the system :

          • Short training cycle
          • Group accident management
          • Follow up report
          • Ability to apportion prognosis
          • Provides a “copy case” facility for linked cases.  This ensures consistency and saves time.
          • Post medical report and invoice to instructing parties electronically
          • Automatically saves documents at the designated location on your local disk or on a network
          • Builds addendum reports and invoices
          • Builds recipient letters and invoices
          • Manages favourites phrases
          • Manages medical references
          • Dashboard, to keep track of SLAs and  outstanding work
          • Remote/Video examination facility integration MedCo data CSV generation

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GRIP24 mobile phone application. This gives you access to your clinic lists, diary, and claimant contact details. Also gives you the facility to take the claimant’s photograph which can be uploaded on the medical report.


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