GRIP Admin

Admin allows a medical expert complete flexibility in maintaining his diary and appointments. Some of its key features are:

      • For enhanced security, a prompt to change the password after every 90 days
      • Integration with various online diary platforms
      • SMS (Short Messaging Service) appointment reminders
      • Address finder
      • Simplified DNA management
      • Simultaneous appointment notification to the client and instructing parties
      • Printing appointment letter
      • Printing clinic list
      • Case audit trail
      • Producing aged debtor reports
      • Producing advance creditor reports
      • Remittance management
      • Invoicing for VAT/Non-VAT registered medical experts
      • Case management system
      • Flagging system for urgent outstanding work
      • Works offline
      • Fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows
      • Triple backup system

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GRIP24 mobile phone application. This gives you access to your clinic lists, diary, and claimant contact details. Also gives you the facility to take the claimant’s photograph which can be uploaded on the medical report.


Medical experts

Software trial and tested by many medical experts and secretarial staff members.


Medical reports / Month

Medical reports, highly accepted by leading insurers and instructing parties.

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