In this user terms and conditions, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to GRIP Technologies Limited and ‘you’ and ‘your’ refers to the medical expert. You can ask for further information about our use of your personal information, by contacting us. 

Section 1 – Software Dimensions: 

GRIP software has 2 major dimensions. GRIP – Admin: this allows you to manage your personal profile including VAT and bank details, consulting venues, instructions, instructing parties details, manage your diary, generating appointment letters, sending SMS appointment reminders, manage your invoices, aged debtor reports and remittances. 

GRIP – Reporting: this part is for producing the main and addendum medical reports. We also provide a GRIP24 mobile phone application. This gives you access to your clinic lists, diary, and claimant contact details. Also gives you the facility to take the claimant’s photograph which can be uploaded on the medical report.

Section 2. Copyright Notice:

Copyright and all other proprietary rights in the Content (including but not limited to software, audio, video, text, and photographs) rest with GRIP Technologies. Using the software does not grant you ownership of any content, code, data, or materials you may access on.

Section 3. Trademarks:

Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks, service marks and logos displayed on the Site are registered and unregistered trademarks of GRIP Technologies (or its facilities, subsidiaries, or divisions). These include each of GRIP Technologies’ primary product brands and service offerings and its corporate logos and emblems.

Section 4 – What We Expect from You:

We expect that you will keep your computer password-protected and hard drives encrypted. You will not share your computer and GRIP software password with any unauthorised user. Your computer should have the latest Windows Updates and an Up-to-date anti-virus system installed. 

  • You (user) do not have any intellectual rights over the GRIP software about to be installed, but that you are only licensing to use it.
  • You (user) shall be entitled to use the software and reproduce any of the reports or documents contained in the Software for your own personal use.
  • You (user) will not sell or demonstrate any part of the Software to third parties who can have the same interests as the Software provider.
  • Any attempt to reverse-engineer, redistribute, lease, sub-license, loan, copy, adapt, merge, disassemble, modify, or alter it in any way without GRIP approval is strictly prohibited.

Section 5 – GRIP Invoices:

We will send you invoices in 2 sets of attachments, the first attachment to confirm with you the total charges with VAT breakdown. The second attachment will contain the set number of medical reports you had compiled during the invoice period. You can keep the first attachment for tax purposes and as the second attachment contains the client’s sensitive data you can safely discard it after reviewing it.

Section 6 – Client Consent to Add Data in GRIP:

A consent question has been added on the GRIP questionnaire so that client’s consent is taken should you choose to add their personal details on the GRIP software.

Section 7 – Important Information:

Under GDPR regulations we are required to ensure that the data we hold on you is “up to date”. So please update us immediately for any changes.

Section 8 – Limitation of Liability:

Under no circumstances shall GRIP, its employees, or its parties be liable in case of any mishaps occurring during the installation of GRIP software or even after that or during usage of it including damage to computer, lost data, or legal problems by interfering with other third-party applications.

Team Viewer software will also be installed on your computer. This allows us to provide remote support to you when it is required. 

We also required a scanned/digital copy of your signature to make it appear on your medical reports, supplementary reports, and appointment letters. Please provide a digital copy of your signature or make sure you sign this document so we can obtain your signature for GRIP software.

Section 9 – Confidentiality Information:  

  • To Save for performance of obligations under this Agreement, neither party shall use or disclose or allow to be used or disclosed, any Confidential Information relating to the business or the affairs of the other during the term of this Agreement, or after its termination.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, Confidential Information shall include details of any information regarding the clients (examined customers), venues for the clinical sessions, dates or any other details.

Section 10 – Remote connection:

We are the Business type licence holder for the TeamViewer. The installation, training and technical support will be provided remotely through using TeamViewer. More information and installation guide of TeamViewer can be obtained by using their website

Section 11 – Software Services:

  • Installation: Software will be installed remotely on the computers as per your instruction. 
  • Training: You will be provided training on software usage. 
  • Technical support: You will be provided technical support as and when required.